Barbara Gage Mulford

Email: 3brushart@gmail.com



Southwest Florida artist Barbara Gage Mulford works mostly with acrylic, but also with oil, watercolor, ink or charcoal with a loose, expressionistic representational style. Subjects are seascapes, landscapes, animals, portraits and structures.

Always intending art as her semi-retired career, she changed her career from business to full time artist/art educator in January 1, 2016 to follow her passion.

As a young child, she realized her artistic gift in first grade but was persuaded to follow a more reliable career. Still, she followed a robust art regimen in high school, along with her advanced science and math classes. She has a Bachelors of Science in Business but studied briefly at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

In the 18 months since moving to Florida, Barbara become involved with several galleries and art associations, and sells her work on a regular basis. She participated in ArtPoems, is published in the 2018 book and is now working on her 2019 ArtPoems creation. Look for her in the ArtPoems show at Alliance for the Arts on Feb 20th.

Back in New England, within 9 months, Barbara was teaching at 9 different senior centers and organized two art shows of her students. She found teaching art so rewarding, she moved to Southwest Florida for more favorable demographics for her profession (retired students with time to paint). She teaches 10 classes per week in 4 locations and is Grumbacher Certified to instruct Acrylic, Watercolor and Drawing. Her teaching style involves the group as whole while each works on an image that inspires them. Using positive reinforcement, breakaway demonstrations, and brief instruction, Barbara points out how to and highlights the successes of her students, creating a cohesive, positive and fun atmosphere.

Barbara believes in giving back to the community and donates to charitable organizations:

Arts For Act Gala Fundraiser 2 years

Matlacha Hookers

Veterans groups

Habitat For Humanity

Her residential community

Barbara can be seen regularly painting in public places such as Fort Myers River District Art Walk, Music Walk and at Farmers markets in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and North Fort Myers to promote the galleries and art associations she is a member of.

Her work hangs in the Arts For ACT Gallery and in the Art League of Fort Myers.

Look for her signature; B Gage