dolly Dempsey


Born and raised in Southwest lower Michigan, where Dolly raised three red-haired children and started a Nursing Career. Dolly has also lived in Arizona, Kentucky, Ohio, and now resides in Fort Myers, FL.

After retiring from a long and rewarding Nursing career, Dolly was seeking something creative and fun to do that was also rewarding. Dolly began as a self taught artist who started with sketching; it was in 2010 that Dolly entered her first Oil painting class. This was the beginning of her Art Journey, progressing to Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels and color pencils.

Her Painting interests are portraits of People (including self) and favorite Pets, Red headed children, glances of the Mid-West and Objects of Beauty. Completing serial paintings in Water/Beach, Flowers and recently expanding to; "Barn Treasures" revealing, not only Barns but Older cars and trucks.

The journey continues as she continuously expands both media and subject matter.  Dolly continues to take classes.