Julie FB Head shot 2018.jpeg

Julie Olander

My work is about color, form, and light.  My work reflects things I am drawn to in nature, be it fruit, flowers, shells, the ocean, a marsh or the woods. I have always lived near the ocean, which may account for my desire to paint it, and whatever meets it at the shore all over the world.

Because it is so challenging, I also like to paint still life and technically difficult pieces, such as glass or people. I draw each piece after doing a value sketch. I paint color “as I see it. Design is very important in my work. My works begin almost abstractly, and, gradually, become more realistic. 

For the last 15 years, I have concentrated on watercolor. However, in the past couple of years, I have also returned to oil and acrylic.  Each one offers me unique problems and possibilities, but always a challenge to be conquered.

 Bio: Julie Siler Olander holds a Masters Degree in Art and has received international recognition during her 30 years of painting and teaching in various mediums.  She taught at the College Level in the Boston Area, and continues to teach here in Florida.  Color and form are Julie’s primary interests, as well as the way light affects objects in landscapes or still life.  She has studied oil painting with Charles Sovek, Sam Barber, Paul George, Robert Douglas Hunter, and Greg Biolchini; her watercolor studies were with Janet Rogers, Ron Ranson, Peter Spataro, Charles Reid, Frank Webb and others.